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Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering is a branch of engineering concerned with the optimization of complex processes and systems to design, install, evaluate, develop and improve of integrated systems of men, financial, knowledge, information, equipment and based on principles and methods of engineering design applying quantitative and qualitative mathematical, social, …methods analyze the results to be obtained from such systems. Generally, the steps of industrial engineering in different problems consist of system modeling, system testing, control and implementation.

Work space of industrial engineering consists of plan and project management, production and distribution, supply chain management, productivity, measuring and improving quality, ergonomics/human factors, technology transfer, strategic planning, change management, financial engineering and etc.

Applicable techniques are production planning and control, systems analysis, decision analysis, benchmarking, design of experiments, lean manufacturing, modeling, organizational analysis, facility location and layout, simulation, six sigma, statistical analysis, theory of constraints, time and motion study and etc.